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Phase Distortion (Reprise)


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    Mazum 30.09.2019
    In signal processing, phase distortion or phase-frequency distortion is distortion, that is, change in the shape of the waveform, that occurs when (a) a filter's phase response is not linear over the frequency range of interest, that is, the phase shift introduced by a circuit or device is not directly proportional to frequency, or (b) the zero-frequency intercept of the phase-frequency characteristic is .
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    Kigakinos 06.10.2019
    Voltage signals are often presented to a c.r.o. through wires or coaxial cables terminated on crocodile clips. Although this may be adequate at low frequencies, it can behave like a badly matched transmission line, causing attenuation distortion and phase distortion. The earth screen of a coaxial cable is not fully effective, and in consequence the cable can pick up local radiated interference.
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    Gusida 01.10.2019
    Scattering Geometry. (1)ɛ(r˜)∝∫−∞∞d2r˜′ exp[ikr′ 2/2z−ik˜ ⋅r˜′ sinθ+iϕ(r˜′)]× A(r′) where z and sinθ are defined in Figure 1, ϕ is the random phase distortion, k = 2π/λ is the wavevector and A(r′) is an aperture function. If the phase screen is placed at the waist of a laser beam then.
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    Tecage 09.10.2019
    Phase distortion synthesis works by altering the shape of this phase accumulator function. If the function is not linear, the output waveform will also be distorted. This will introduce harmonic changes into the sound. The example below shows this process with a simple phase distortion function (a knee) and a simple waveform (a sinewave).
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    Tojagrel 06.10.2019
    Phase distortion synthesis is a synthesis method introduced in by Casio in its CZ range of synthesizers. In outline, it is similar to phase modulation synthesis as championed by Yamaha Corporation, in the sense that both methods dynamically change the harmonic content of a carrier waveform by influence of another waveform in the time domain. However, the application and results .
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    Dam 09.10.2019
    Phase Distortion. Phase Distortion and the Conventional Loudspeaker. A great many problems in music reproductions can be traced directly to a basic flaw which appears as a necessary characteristic of the conventional loudspeaker - Phase Distortion. Of all the speaker ailments, phase distortion is the most critical, the hardest to cure, and probably the least understood by both stereo enthusiasts, and .
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    Vole 30.09.2019
    Phase distortion may increase the crest factor of the waveform (B above) and lead to non-linear distortion in the speaker and/or the ear producing a change in sound character. E-mail your observations to me. I will give a summary of the various findings on this page. I would really appreciate your participation in this investigation.
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    Fausar 04.10.2019
    level of distortion produced by a loudspeaker can depend on the phase response of a crossover feeding it. But the distortion could be either higher or lower, so this argument says that a flat phase response is different, not better, than a non-flat response. It .

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